Thursday, June 30, 2011


Boinky is with us now for 3 weeks and somehow He is familiar with us already, though He still like to hop on my back and do the know what i mean. I also noticed that He gets excited whenever we get home, He still likes his belly to be scratch til he faints and He eats a lot and equivalent to that, He also leave a lot of mess.

I'll post more pics of him sometime soon...Its kinda rainy here in Manila right now and i couldn't take him outside.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I just bought him another toy, a squeekee rubber piggy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vits that Fits

I went out yesterday to check if i could get the same hog feed that the pet store gave me when i got Boinky, which is PURINA HOG FEED, because the hog feed that my sister got is really different, it looks like a chicken feed, but my sister is very very sure that it is a hog feed. Another difference is that the hog feed that we got made his poop very smelly. I saw a poultry store where they selling feeds but unfortunately they dont have PURINA HOG FEED but i did get something interesting, VITAMINS that could prevent diseases, it has Chlortetracycline, Vit A and B...I hope this thing works!

Baby in a Cradle

Last saturday was the first time we left Boinky home alone, well, not literally because he has the dog and the 3 cats as his companions but they're not friends yet. So i decided to put him again inside the box where he stayed when i took him home from the pet store. I did a little changes on the box, i made two big holes on top of it, then made the other 4 holes on sides bigger, then taped it while Boinky is inside, to tell you the truth, i never want to do it because he keeps on crying while im wrapping the tape.

The following day, i got a text message from my neice asking me to call immediately as soon as i read her text, so i did and she told me that Boinky just made his way out of the box by himself. He opened the holes i made on top of the box, it was actually a small hole and he would not fit in it, but he managed to escaped. It was my plan to buy him a cradle (pig pen) that day though and thats what i did before i went home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dirt is Happiness

Most of us dont know that pig do love digging in the dirt, yes they do! Thats why i took Boinky out in our backyard to have his time with dirt. I let him stay there for an hour, he explored the area, he peed for 2 minutes, had his number 2 and also had his early dinner. We will do this more often so that he can have a good time.

Boinky's First Day at Home


I titled this blog PIG-MENTS (pig moments) because i want to share my moments with Pet Pig Boinky, He's is a 5 month old Pot Bellied Pig that i got from the pet store last June 9, 2011. It's a dream come true for me to have a pet pig and i just couldn't believe that i have one now.