Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby in a Cradle

Last saturday was the first time we left Boinky home alone, well, not literally because he has the dog and the 3 cats as his companions but they're not friends yet. So i decided to put him again inside the box where he stayed when i took him home from the pet store. I did a little changes on the box, i made two big holes on top of it, then made the other 4 holes on sides bigger, then taped it while Boinky is inside, to tell you the truth, i never want to do it because he keeps on crying while im wrapping the tape.

The following day, i got a text message from my neice asking me to call immediately as soon as i read her text, so i did and she told me that Boinky just made his way out of the box by himself. He opened the holes i made on top of the box, it was actually a small hole and he would not fit in it, but he managed to escaped. It was my plan to buy him a cradle (pig pen) that day though and thats what i did before i went home.

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